Is this fraud? Cancelling Insurance



Let me get this straight, I don’t want to commit fraud / have any intentions to commit fraud – I just want to get the cheapest deal here.

Backstory: I bought a car 2 months ago to learn in. I own the car and the insurance is in my name as the main driver as a Provisional Learner. I am in a 12 month insurance policy, and once I pass and declare I have passed, my insurance goes up dramatically.

So I’m currently in a 12 month insurance policy as a PROVISIONAL driver (I have yet to pass my test). I’m currently in the second month of this policy, and my test is at the end of the month. When I pass and delare to them that I have passed, my insurance goes from about 400pa to 1900pa. (I have to pay the difference according to the remaining time, deducted by the amount I paid already).

I’ve already looked online and can see I can get new insurance for 1100pa and obviously will want to start fresh on a new cheaper policy.

I have a few questions:

Will cancelling before I have passed be cheaper than cancelling after I have passed?
And is it fraud to cancel after I have passed but not declared I have passed?

Other notes:
I have paid upfront for the insurance in one go.
My insurer is ‘A Choice’.
Based on napkin estimates: if I cancel my current insurance right now, I should get back somewhere around 50-200 pounds, depending on how they calculate the costs of the cancellations and how much im entitled back – it doesn’t look like it will cost me money to cancel this insurance

Cheers, let me know if you need anything else:

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