Issuing claim against Irish insurers

My daughter’s car was stolen in January. The insurers are XS Direct who are based in Dublin. They are being ridiculously slow in dealing with her claim – they’ve had all the information they need since the end of February (including having sent an investigator to interview her).

She has written 4 letters asking them to get a move on. All to no avail. The most recent excuse (two weeks ago) was that the person dealing with it had to get authorisation from higher up, and by mistake had not gone high enough. For Heaven’s sake: it’s not an exceptionally high claim (about £30k) so surely they must know their own routine procedures.

We’ve seen that under s13A Insurance Act 2015 as amended, insurers are required to pay any sums due within a reasonable time. So we are now looking at drafting a letter before claim. The trouble is, the only address we can find is in Ireland.

Does anyone know if insurers who issue insurance policies in England/Wales must have an adress for service within the jurisdiction? Or would we have to get leave to issue proceedings out of the jurisdiction?

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