Just cancelled Pet Insurance – advice?


Pet Insurance

Hello everyone. First of all if this is in the wrong place, please can a mod move it to a more appropriate board.

I have just cancelled my policy with petplan as the cost has increased by over £40 for the next twelve months so I need to shop around but wanted to ask you lovely members who have pets (more thinking cats) who they are insured with and more importantly what do you pay annually or per month.

I have cancelled the policy which was £437.24 for the year with a payment schedule of £36.51 each month.

We have a 5 year old ginger cat with no pre-existing medical conditions. He is an indoor cat. Always has been. His annual outing is to the vets for a check up.

Looking forward to hearing who you insure your pet with, I just know that over £400 for a indoor (slightly bonkers) cat is too much!

End Sep 2016 End Apr 2018

£8236.57 £0
(Tesco 4.8%) £0pcm

£6185.75 £0(Zopa 4.0%) £0pcm

£1630.04 (Sainsburys 0% until 06/19) £140pcm

£2000.00 [B]£266.71/B] (Sister 0%) £133.33pcm

Total debt
£19.766.82 £1896.75 Original DFD May 2019.


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