Just realised I’ve paid twice for my car insurance – hit by auto-renewal


Just received two emails from insurers to renew and realised I paid for one by auto-renewal last year. Gone through my emails and I did receive an email last year about it but must’ve missed it. They didn’t send me an email after with new documents etc which I think is a bit sneaky – especially for something costing £740 – but I should’ve caught it. I’ve emailed the insurer, Elephant, asking for a refund as I have proof I was already insured – anyone have any idea whether I’m likely to be succesful? Of course I should’ve seen the hundreds of pounds taken out of my account but I closed the account around that time and didn’t pick up on it.

Originally posted by Bengangooly

Have you put in

Full name

Date of birth

Post code

Policy / reference number

They are likely to refund you as a goodwill gesture. But I believe there is no requirement for them to do so.

As for them being sneaky? probably not if your first policy was on line. The renewal would alter that online and it would be up to you to log in check print out as required?


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