Knowhow won’t pay out for a laptop they can’t fix.


So my laptop died again for the 6th time since Christmas. Another motherboard issue. Which would be fine had they not tried to fix it plenty of times before. So I have been looking into getting it written off so I can use that to buy another laptop. But they won’t pay out on it.

The crux of the issue is that because I had an HP laptop before my current Lenovo. I asked to have the care plan cancelled for the old HP that we didn’t have anymore. They went and cancelled the Lenovo plan instead. I found this out when my laptop broke and I had to pay to have it fixed. They then apologised and said THEY had made a human error and cancelled the wrong plan, and because of this they will amend it to the HP plan that was still running. Now because they cant fix my laptop they have said that We cancelled the policy because they couldn’t get money for the policy from us. Totally not the case.

Why would we cancel the new laptop coverage and keep the coverage for a laptop which we don’t even have anymore? Makes zero sense.

Anyway, because the cover plan for the HP is different to the Lenovo, they won’t pay out because they cant fix it. Even though the policy it should have been on they would have paid out on it.

It went in for a power drain issue originally, but they have changed the motherboard at least 3 times, had a software issue that later turned out to be a motherboard issue and they changed my hard drive and deleted my entire hard drive after me asking them not to because it had a lot of work on it that I couldn’t back up.

Im mainly asking about if there is anything else I can do because as you might be able to tell I’m really really annoyed about this whole farce. I already know that if I took a legal option, I would pay more than I would get back but is their much else I can do?


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