Landlord’s insurance then moving back in to the property


I have landlord’s insurance (mainly in case of fire or flood, no one’s likely to steal the furniture).

If I move back in, is that likely to make the insurance invalid or the insurer will just charge an admin fee to change the details?. In the past with home insurance, I’ve seen fees of £50 to change / cancel an existing policy, when the annual premium might only be £80, it seems perverse and is better value to put that £50 towards a new policy. The old policy can simply run its course – I would never claim on it as I have the new policy in place. I cannot see a logical justification of a cancellation fee for insurance.

Presumably the risk is lower for the insurer with an owner-occupier but on the other hand an owner occupier is likely to have more desirable possessions in the property?

Either way the cover is more than enough for my possessions.


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