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Recently I have received 2 late payments for the first time since having my credit card since I was 18.

The first “late” payment was in March. I accidentally paid £1 less than my minimum payment (paid £5 when it was £6) which meant I received a late payment fee of £10 – shown in my April statement.

My April statement was sent to my house (I still live with my Dad) and my Dad opened it and then proceeded to shred it. This is why I missed the fact I had a late payment fee from March. My Dad told me that my minimum payment was £10 – which I paid but he got this wrong. My actual minimum payment was £16! So because of him shredding the bank statement, I missed the late payment fee from March, covered my minimum payment but not enough for the whole total and received another missed payment fee in May – which I have now covered. I have only just got access to internet banking to find all of this out.

The first late payment is already on my credit score and it has decreased it by 98 points. I’m really annoyed about this and I was wondering if theres anything that can be done?

The first payment was only under by £1!!! and the second time I covered my usual minimum payment (its £6 but i paid £10) but I didn’t cover the whole of the late payment fee so it’s coming up as another missed payment.

Is it worth speaking to the credit card company? Any help would be appreciated.


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