Leaking shower in my leasehold flat


Last week my downstairs neighbour alerted me that my shower was leaking and causing her ceiling to sustain damaged.

I bought the flat 2.5 years ago, and she said that it happened “a few years ago… but it was covered under insurance” I own my flat, but the people before me were tenants.

I contacted the Managing Agents, who sent me a copy of the building insurance. I spoke with the Insurers, who advised me that the insurance has a £500 excess, and does not cover the repairs, but does cover Trace and Access. It does cover damage to the flat below me, but that the owner of that flat needs to put in a claim, not me.

Questions from my end:

– Given that there are 2 claims (mine for trace and access, and my neighbors for repair), does that mean both claims have a £500 excess?

– Who pays the excess on each claim? From my point of view, the MA has an obligation in the lease to provide insurance for such things and therefore they should pay the excess. If the leaseholders were obliged to pay the excess, then the MA would just raise the excess to a silly amount and enjoy the cheap premiums, maxing out their profit.

– If I have to pay the excess for the trace and access, is there any point claiming on the insurance for this, given trace and access would probably be less than £500?


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