Learner driver with full uk Auto license


Ok heres a situation i just dont understand.

My wife has passed her test about 5 years ago in an Auto and obviously holds a full uk auto driving license.

Now she feels like to learn manual and has booked in some lessons,i thought id get her a little manual run around to practice gears/clutch etc and id happily sit beside her allowing her to gain experience (obviously she knows how to drive and has road experience through driving her auto).

Call insurance company who we both insure our cars through and ask for her to be a named driver on the manual ive just bought (Old toyota corolla verso 1.8 vvt-i t3) and the insurer said yeah no problem £1380

Without her its £400 just for me…with her is £1380 and thats with 6 years driving experience and her being nearly 50 years old and clean full Auto license.

Odd thing is when she was on my policy as named driver prior to passing her Auto test the premium was about £50 more expensive than just me.

Add her to learn manual and it jumps £900 + what the earth is going on

If my appalling spelling offends you that much…dont read my posts.


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