Legal costs insurance add-on to home insurance


I’m looking at home insurance, I think I have enough knowledge to know what to look for, e.g. trace and access. I try to read the exact details about trees and whether water damage from leaking roofs or leaking pipes is covered. But for “Family Legal Protection” I’m not so sure what to look for in a policy. Are they all much of a muchness? They are cheap so I assume the losing party pays for the true legal costs if I make a claim against someone else? If I’m accused of wrongdoing, the insurer will pay for a lawyer to defend me? Or only if there are reasonable chances that I will be found innocent / not liable?

I can imagine it might be useful for employment law, or some problem with buying a house. Financial products are often excluded?

Are these policies quietly working away in the background, people don’t seem to talk about them much here compared to other policies.


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