Legal liability vs tenant’s liability



Being new to the UK, there is a part of UK contents insurances I don’t understand.

They seem to offer legal liability and tenant’s liability. But doesn’t tenant’s liability fall under general liability anyway?

For example, Nationwide’s contents insurance says:

Legal liability.

We cover your family’s legal liability:

• as occupier of your home and its land

• asindividuals,whereveryouoryourfamily are in the world

• asanemployertoanyofyourfamily’s domestic employees, for example, a carer or nanny.

We agree to pay damages and costs to others which arise from any single event occurring during the insurance period which results in:

• accidental death, disease, illness or accidental physical injury to anyone

• accidental damage to physical property.

The way it’s written, it sounds like it could perfectly apply to a tenant’s damaging the landlord’s property.

So does the fact there is tenant’s liability cancel the legal liability part?

I’m asking because I accidentally damaged the wall and the insurance says they can’t cover it because the wall is part of the building not content and they don’t cover accidental damage to the building (even though I have accidental damage cover.)



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