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Hopefully just a hypothetical question. A quick search on Google didn’t find an answer, so maybe someone here will know.

As one of the many caught up in the recent Ticketmaster data leak, I have been rather blas! indifferent about it.

I’ve already been told by Ticketmaster that I’ll need to change my password next time I visit, and yesterday I received a letter from my credit card company advising they had cancelled the card, would be issuing a new one, and sorry for the inconvenience.

So far so good, but on closer inspection, the letter was dated last Friday (13th), and I have used my card several times since then, both contactless and chip & pin.

I thought I’d read somewhere that once you notify a card company to cancel your card you are no longer liable for further transactions, but does it work the other way around?

Once I know for sure my card is dead, or I get the replacement, I’ll be cutting up the old one, but what if I was less careful in disposing of it, and someone else got a hold of it, bagging themselves a few freebies. Would the fact that I had a letter from the card company saying the card was cancelled be enough to relieve me of responsibility?

I have considered that although dated the 13th, the letters may not have been posted until Monday, so possibly the card company deliberately delayed the date of cancelling the card until I had likely received the letter. Depending on any replies I get here, I am tempted to go to a shop just to test the card, and if it’s still working then the card company will be getting an irate message from me.


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