Life and Critical Illness Cover?


Just looking for a bit of advice/opinions/experiences regarding this.

As first time buyers, we have been through the mortgage application process once but had to cancel due to personal circumstances and so we know the drill already.

Second time around we know our adviser will spend a great deal of time talking about it – although it’s not compulsory to take it out for the mortgage.

Here are my thoughts on it currently;

The first time, we were quoted £52 per month (is this good or bad?!) with Legal & General through Nationwide, which would be added to our mortgage repayment. I wasn’t covered for anything back, neck or spinal related due to a whiplash claim I made as part of a car accident. We decided that we’d rather pay that amount less off our mortgage each month instead.

We are good and serious savers (always have been) and so there would always be an adequate safety cushion.

Also, you hear all these horror PPI stories and companies not paying out when something does happen?

At the moment, we have no children, however if and when we do, we’d probably just take out life insurance.


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