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Just a quick query as I currently have a policy but searching for a new one.

Before I took out my current policy, myself and my husband had applied for a life insurance policy through our bank at the point of purchasing a property. My husband had a early stage melanoma in autumn 2013 and we applied December-ish 2013 for the life insurance. Because of this, I was accepted, however my husband I am 99% sure was deferred for a year after diagnosis as although it was an early stage, the risk was more so in first year.

It has just occurred to me should I have declared this on application? As in the same as being declined? I might have mentioned this on application but I really can’t remember so just wondered if anyone can shed any light and if this is likely to cause any problems make it invalid or effect another application as we are coming to 5 years after diagnosis so believe we should be eligible for normal rates?

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