Life insurance with suicidal past


Hi all I’m hoping someone can offer any help or advice on this one. We have just bought a new property and therefore need life insurance.

My husband has no problems but unfortunately 16 years ago at age 17 I was extremely depressed and took an overdose. Although I have been on and off anti depressant medication for 16 years I have never had another overdose attempt or any other “sucidie” attempt or self harm incidents.

Both Aviva and legal & general (through direct line) have automatically declined my part of the application and I’m not sure where to turn.

It’s very disheartening to think that something I did as a teenager is now having such consequences on my life. I was young and desperate for help at the time and now I feel I’m being punished for it!

Can anyone offer any advice of which company I might be able to go to to obtain life insurance?



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