Lloyds Credit Card Fraud day issued, week after 1st fraud



Not sure what to make of this & not having a go at Lloyds but concerned.

Week ago security SMS saying suspicious payment. Sure enough someone had my card details & spent £1000. Lloyds very good, refunded & sent new card. Had this card well over a year & whilst generally don’t store on line there may have been some. Paypal for sure does have the full details.

Got new card yesterday, authorised. 5 hours later SMS saying suspicious payment. Sure enough £200 to Hungry House (of all things).

A hour waiting on phone, got through, advise that I have probably had keylogger on my PC.

The only place I had entered the new card number at all was re-registering with PayPal.

I am pretty tech savvy and frequently check for virus’s anyway. Windows 10 & defender meant to be pretty good. Also since last week fraud I have actually run more Full scans, Adwcleaner, google chrome scan. Have done this also now & not found anything.

I know these are not 100% but would think keyloggers likely to be picked up so I really don’t think it is my PC is compromised.

Partly as they would have also had my Paypal password and I think even my bank log in & nothing gone from there.

However I guess Paypal must be one of the most secure sites so at a loss to explain.

Of course changed all my passwords (using a different PC, chromebook)

The banks are pretty relaxed about this making me think it is so common, some time ago my Amex had one fraudulent payment, I phoned, they said, Oh yes we know about it, not your fault, don’t worry.

Just putting it out there is case anyone has any ideas or similar experiences.

I trust my postie & I don’t think they can tell what is what now.


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