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Yesterday I applied for a Halifax CC on promotional rate of 0% balance transfer for 23 months. I partly did this as it was showing on MSE, Clearscore and Noddle as ‘95% chance of approval’. I know that is still not certain but usually I have found the tools for calculating eligibility to be fairly accurate.

What I am thinking is applying for a Lloyds CC or BoS as they are all showing the same eligibility, but as I am applying for a mortgage in around a year or just under I don’t want to have a negative impact on my credit file if refused for that as well.

Can anyone please advise on whether I should try it or whether as they are all effectively the same organisation, I am unlikely to be approved. If so I find it strange that it is showing as 95%.

Only Capital One and Fluid are showing as pre-approved ie 100%. I don’t particularly want one of those as whenever I had them the credit limit was too low to be of much use for a balance transfer.

I am paying 19.9% on a balance of £1100 and 46% on a balance of £500 (Tesco) but usually pay the latter one off after payday.

I could just do nothing and that might be more sensible, and just repay the ones I have as most are at 0% interest. I am managing to repay £600-750 per month most months across all cards and loans.


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