local “tick” card – is the debt enforceable?


My local off licence runs a tick scheme where he gives you a electronic card that you can use in their shop to buy things and pay 30 days later. you get an email with an invoice of what is owed and when by.

i forgot to pay last months invoice due on 9th for 137 and the payments system wont let me so i went in the shop. the shopkeeper got someone on the phone i think it was the shop owner and he was quite rude and hostile. said to come back with the money in cash and that he has all my address and details – which i saw as quite intimidating.

A friend of mine said i didnt sign anything under credit act or something therefore the debt isnt enforceable by law. After the way i was treated he said i shouldn’t bother paying them in cash and demand to pay securely through the normal internet site.

Im scared that if i don’t pay it how they want me to then he might send collections people after me or make threats against me so want to check here if this type of debt is enforceable and whether i virtually agreed to credit when i started using their electronic tick card?

thanks in advance


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