Lorry reversed inyo my stationary car whose fault is it….?


A lorry delivering goods to a local coop store reversed into my stationary vehicle.. I was parked on a private road/car park behind one of the gates that is always closed EVEN when deliverys are being made, on the corner of this road is double yellow lines where the very end of my boot was just touching.. The man next door to this road had already rang the police as said the lorry driver had rammed into my car twice already and he believed he had been doing it deliberate and had him on cctv doing so.. The driver at the time admitted full liability gave me all his insurance details and went before the police arrived. Upon the police’s arrival the first question I asked was if I was parked in the wrong to which they replied no he even looked at the double yellow lines and said my rear wheels wasn’t anywhere near.. I have since found out from a friend whom works in the store that the driver has been going in being cocky saying I’m going to be gutted when I find out that his insurance company are not going to be paying out as I was parked illegally…? I have a witness and a police log to say otherwise, should I be worried …?


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