Made redundant, Tesco car ins. increases by £200


I have been with Tesco car insurance for a few years, happy with their service, even their claims handling some years ago. I always compare against their renewal quote and they match their own cheaper quote on the comparison site without question.

This year I did the comparisons and none were significant enough for me to change insurer. Maybe they have become wise to their own cheaper quote on the comparison sites because it wasn’t any different to my renewal quote.

Anyway, a few weeks before renewal I was made redundant so I called Tesco to advise.

This year: additional £14 and £25 admin fee but they waived that as close to renewal.

Renewal: recalculated and has increased by £200 because my employment status is “unemployed”.

I went straight back to the comparison web sites, ran all the comparisons again with employment status “unemployed” and my preferred insurers quotes were still competitive with the original pre-unemployed Tesco quote – didn’t notice Tesco quote as they are no longer one of my preferred.

Goodbye Tesco!


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