Mazda 1st and Car Hire Charges


Just after some advice / assurance.

My good lady was involved in an accident which was not her fault (other party have already accepted blame) last November. As part of the service she receives from Mazda she was advised to deal direct with Mazda First who assured us they would handle everything and even provide a courtesy car at no charge. A courtesy car arrived (Merc A180) and the car went in for repair which took 3 weeks due to staff illness at the repair company. Everything eventually got sorted, car returned and hire car sent back. Fast forward to now and we receive a summons to small claims court for the cost of the hire car and repairs. Now, Mazda First have obviously given VERY bad advice here and are almost lying on their website about no costs, free courtesy car etc. My question is: Is this common, are we likely to win OK (the solicitor thinks there is nothing to worry about). But what if we do not win? What will happen? Any advice and guidance is appreciated.


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