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I have 10 MBNA credit cards. Before the credit crunch I just kept applying for them and they kept sending me new ones without question. I just did it for a laugh really with no malice in mind!
5 have a credit limit of £500 and the other 5 have a credit limit of £1000.
I use each one every month for small purchases and pay them off in full immediately. I have never defaulted on a payment on any of them. I have never been bankrupt or have CCJs etc either.
This week MBNA have sent me 3 seperate letters concerning 3 of the £500 cards saying ‘Thanks for letting us know you’ve decided to close your account. We’re sorry you’re leaving us.’
I have NEVER spoken to anyone at MBNA for years! I did not want these accounts closed.
So this morning another letter arrives concerning one of my cards with a £1000 credit limit saying ‘Following your request to have your credit line increased we are pleased to inform you that your new credit limit is £4000. Further to our conversation we’ve now taken steps, as requested, to close the following credit card accounts…’ (i.e the other 3 above above accounts that they have closed without my permission).
Like I say I have not give them permission to do ANYTHING and I do not appreciate the lies.
Do I have the right to request that that they supply me details of our so called ‘conversation’?
What are my rights here please anybody?

Many thanks!


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