MBNA – Non default of credit card

Hi Everyone,

I am having a bit of a long running battle and wondered if anyone had a similar story or any advise.

I started on a DMP in 2009 and made reduced payments on a MBNA credit card.

MBNA wrote to say i was continuing in arrears etc, threatened several times to default my account if i didn’t pay ‘x’ and said that my facility to use the credit card had been withdrawn but the account was never defaulted.

The account was also sold to Britannia Recoveries who used Moorgate to manage the account but still never defaulted.

The account has now been paid off but will stay on my credit file for another 5 1/2 years now. Had MBNA defaulted me way back in 2009 the account would have gone in 2015.

My argument with MBNA is that because they withdrew the credit card facility from me whilst I was on a DMP that this means our relationship had broken down and the account should have been defaulted at that point.

Has anyone seen where this would be a valid argument and whether anyone could or has had the entire entry removed completely from their credit file because the company should have defaulted the account.

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