MBNA (Virgin) switch to new Reward declined, what to do now?


I have been with MBNA Virgin for 3.5 years, have both black and white card.

In this time over 100k was cleared and have incurred less than 150 interest.

Since MBNA is going to discontinue, I applied for the new Virgin Reward card, so I could keep racking up airmiles on my Virgin Atlantic account.

Unfortunately it has been declined, I have 2 weeks to write back to them, what should I point out to turn this around?

Things I want to mention

– I am applying to continue my loyalty with Virgin Atlantic
– My track record with MBNA cards over last 3.5 years
– My other small personal loan that was cleared without issue last year.
– My bank statement to show income/ business.

Any comment is much appreciated!


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