Medical Amendments to Travel Plans insurer liable?


OH had an emergency detached retina op last Tuesday and cannot fly for 6 weeks. He will be fit to travel.

We are due to fly to France early July so obviously, we cannot go via that mode of transport. Ferry port is 10 hours from villa location and driving might still be an issue, so Eurostar seems the only viable option.

Amendment costs would be c£1200 for train fares to London, hotel pre/post holiday needed due to Eurostar departure/arrival times and Eurostar fares for 3 passengers.

Full cancellation costs to Insurance company would be c £2700 including villa rental.

They are being vague about if they will cover all amendment costs, so we may just have to cancel if they won’t give us assurances that they will fund the amendments.

We have all the paperwork/invoices etc.

Any advice?


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