Merge and close some Credit Cards?


After a relationship split up back in 2012 my finances got hit badly so i ended up with 5 defaults. All £48,000 debt was repaid within 4 years, and since then i have taken what ever credit cards i can get until my defaults go.

Between December 2018 and May 2019 the remaining 3 defaults still showing will fall off my credit file and coupled with my good history over the last 2/3 years with the credit cards i have at the moment i’m hoping summer next year i can get mainstream cards.

So in preparation would it be better for me to close some credit cards? I have

Barclaycard Foundation – £1600 Limit (34.9%)

Aqua – £3200 Limit (35.9%)

Tesco – £4200 Limit (10.9%)

Tesco – £1000 Limit (18.9%)

Capital One – £1250 Limit (34.9%)

Capital One – £750 Limit (28.9%)

Amazon – £900 Limit (34.9%)

I’m thinking of closing the Tesco £1000 limit and merging it with the other Tesco one to give me a £5200 limit on 10.9% APR , and closing the £1250 Capital One and merging it with the lower APR Capital One giving me a £2000 limit as i know both of these allow you to do this.

I’m just not sure what will look better next summer, more cards open over the time or having less cards with greater limits?


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