Military Man: Licence to Occupy Insurance



I am serving in the Royal Navy. A significant proportion of military families live in ‘Service Family Accommodation (SFA)’ provided by the MoD Defence Infrastructure Organisation. For a monthly fee, directly out of our pay, we have a ‘Licence to Occupy’ agreement to live in these properties.

To live in a SFA house we are strongly recommended to have £20,000 of ‘Licence to Occupy’ insurance as we may be liable for the first £20,000 of damage to the building.

Many service families are seemingly caught out with having to purchase these insurance alongside Military Kit, Contents and other insurances with Military based insurance companies such as ForcesMutual, TalktoTrinity and ForcesPlan.

Here is the but….these policies are very expensive… Quiet simply can I not shop around to get normal (not military focused) Contents and Building cover as if I were a civilian tenant? I have a quote from Admiral Home Insurance that can provide me with better cover only instead of being ‘Licence to Occupy Insurance’ it is ‘Tenant Liability Insurance’, but at around £350-£400 cheaper per year. Oh, and Admiral seemed content that from a legal perspective I wasn’t actually a ‘Tenant’ and that this insurance was GOOD to cover my £20,000 building liability to the MoD if I were to damage their property.

I am very tempted to get insurance with Admiral instead.

However, am I covered if I damage my ‘kitchen’ for example and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation want £20,000 to install a new one?

All help will be very gratefully received and, if advertised correctly thereafter, will potentially save hundreds of pounds to thousands of military families in active duty.

Please help

Thank you. Rick.


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