Minimum Payment: £0 on Internet Banking but £25 on Statement


I’ve been tidying up old photos from my phone and came across a screenshot I took of my online account for my BA Amex card back in February 2015.

I remember that at the time, I was new to credit cards and I took the screenshot, because I had a balance to pay for the month, yet the online account was telling me my minimum payment was £0. Even though the card was not a 0% card, I believed this figure and therefore (incorrectly) assumed that therefore I didn’t have to pay.

A few days later, I logged back into my account and noticed I have been charged a late payment fee and charged interest. I immediately cleared the balance and put it down to stupidity.

However, when I came across the old photo yesterday, I decided to check on my old statements. On checking my credit card statement from January 2015, it did say a minimum payment of £25 was required, but I never checked this, relying instead on the online account figure stating £0.

My question is, why would the statement from a few weeks prior to the payment date state the minimum payment was £25, yet 2 days before payment was due, the online account stated £0?

I can’t seem to upload any screenshots, as I am a “New User”.




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