Minor car accident


Hi guys,

I was behind someone at a roundabout who began to pull away but emergency stopped as she thought she saw a car coming. I hit the back of her car (early 2000 vw polo) and caused no damage at all to the front of my car but there was small marks on the back of her car.

The collision was at less than 5mph and there’s a few scratches and a small bump in the back of her car (it doesn’t look like it matches the height of my car so I don’t think it was from me).

Anyway, she has messaged today with her pictures showing the damage to her bumper and is claiming she woke up with neck pain – it was a 5mph hit so my gut tells me this is put on as a leverage tool.

I don’t feel it’s worth going through insurance as the likely damage to her car is a replacement bumper for a couple of hundred which is less than our premiums. Her car is only worth around 500 pounds too. She seems to be trying to rinse as much from me as she can and threatening to contact her insurance whenever I question her repair quotes/claims. I do genuinely want to get to a fair point between us as I did hit her car, I just don’t want to be screwed over!

Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this and what would be the best way forward for me? I’m a young driver with three years no claims so I’d ideally like to keep that!

Any help is greatly appreciated!



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