Minor road accident, not insured. 3rd party claiming for 1000s in damages. HELP?


Hi all,

So I had a minor car vs bike incident a few weeks ago, where a bike went into the side of my car while indicating to turn left and overtake another car. The motorist, fell off his bike and skidded across the pavement. He was unhurt but his bike however had some minor scratching. We agreed to settle this independently and not go through insurance. He has since got an insurance quote and they are quoting in excess of £1000 for extremely light external damages for the bike. He is unaware that I am not insured, and i was too until i called my insurance to make them aware of the crash. However I had MOT and Tax. I have since applied a SORN notification the car as I dont need to drive it ATM. My question is, if the motorist does now decide to go down the insurance route what are the options/repercussions for myself? My mum however thinks this is a scam and says I should go straight through his insurance and let them deal with this. however i am reluctant to do so as I don’t want to lose my no claims and also be prosecuted by the police, as it was a genuine oversight on my behalf.

I have 6 years no claims and I am under 25 and rely heavily on my my licence for my job.

I would appreciate helpful comments and not any telling me how wrong I am for not being insured. I realise this, and have since taken the necessary steps to avoid this happening again.

Thanks in Advance.


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