Mis-sold credit card when starting University


Hi all

Am looking for some advice, support or encouragement to see if am on right lines…

When I first started University back in 2003 I was given a credit card as a ‘benefit’ of my student account. I remember being very reluctant to take it and not really knowing what it was. But the ‘seller’ was very pushy and insisted it was a part of the student account and was an essential extra and that I only needed to pay the minimum. I signed the paperwork.

Since then I have had a credit card. And month after month I added things onto credit card and every few months they would increase my credit limit without asking. This started a spiral credit cards which I cannot blame on the original seller however that initial credit card was definitely the start of something.

Is this like being mis-sold? Can I complain to the original bank I was with? Anybody else have any similar issues????



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