Misold Aviva life Insurance with critical illness component via a telesales Life Insurance Broker

I was telephoned by a telesales life insurance broker (June 2016) who was selling life insurance. I have had past testicular cancer 12 years ago and living with hormonal problems.

I entertained the idea of seeking a life policy to get an increase in sums insured for potential change in my circumstances with regards to covering a future mortgage.

The broker is called Theid Ltd and are based in Manchester. The salesman took basic details and bank details and was a Jack the lad character, the cover sailed through with Aviva without me being told. I thought I would get an illustration of my answers to questions I was asked over the phone. I was alarmed to find out the policy had been in place for a year (wasnt expecting this outgoing so was shocked to find money was being taken each month) I couldn’t remember authorizing the policy to be put in place and called Aviva. Aviva as suspected had a whole raft of inaccuracies on their database from the submitted application form submitted by Theid Ltd. This included inaccuracies with personal details (home address etc), medical conditions (was not fully declared based on basic questions asked by the broker), even the answers given were inaccurate/lies by the broker such as questions relating to conditions suffered by family members.

The Aviva member of staff tried to convince me after changing my personal details to be correct that I have a valid policy. I explained to them my medical conditions and I cannot be certain they have added them to my live policy. I imagine they now know I have a misold policy and are happy for me to continue paying them and Theid Ltd Broker premiums.

I had written Thied Ltd with a copy of the application form they completed after requesting it from Aviva. So after seeing the inaccuracies I sent a copy of this form with a letter of complaint to Theid Ltd (about 10 weeks ago). I haven’t heard a response (as expected).

I was wondering if it makes sense to cancel the policy i.e. stop payments of premiums and raise a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman or I should keep the policy live and raise the complaint with F.O.

It pains me to be paying the £16 a month as I am not working and am job hunting at the moment

Is it likely also that Aviva are playing lip service to me by saying I have a valid policy? The product I was being sold was a life insurance product with Aviva but after calling and saying to Aviva that I think I was misold a life insurance policy it looks like they changed the product to have a CI element after I verbally told them I have medical conditions which were not considered in my application that was sold by Theid Ltd. It does feel that something underhanded was being done by Aviva

The fact I didn’t get an illustration and copy of the application form answers or a product features guide until I rang Aviva is alarming.

Grateful for thoughts, pointers, next steps. Also anyone have problems with Theid Ltd in Manchester. It could lend weight with my claim for being misold a product

Thanks in Advance

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