Mistakingly did not declare 3 points – Hastings Direct asking for documents – need advice!!


Only Hastings can tell you the repercussions but the one thing you shouldn’t do is not tell them.

Contact them now.

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Not tell them?? They will may already know and this is your chance to tell the truth??

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You’re both right… I’m going to give them a ring now and just explain everything as to why this has happened. I have a tendency to make a big deal out of things, hopefully it can be resolved. I wouldn’t even mind paying more. It’s only my second year of driving, and this is my second insurance policy.

Well, they will find out when you send them details of your licence anyway. I’d say not telling them greatly increases the chance of the policy being cancelled, so you may as well call them to explain, worst case is that they will cancel, but having been up front may mean that they’ll accept it was an error and keep the policy going, probably at a higher premium. Will the 3 points drop off during the life of the policy, as I can’t see any reason for checking on the price without points if they won’t?

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The 3 points were issued about 6-7 months ago now, and the new insurance policy with HD was taken out 2-3 months ago. My biggest fear is that they will cancel the insurance policy, as I need a car to get to work and back, which means if I don’t have a car I won’t be able to pay bills as will have no income, I live somewhere where it’s difficult to get work within walking distance too. Public transport isn’t really an option as it’d be a 2 hour commute to work in the morning, and I’d get to work late everyday via public transport, hence the reason I have a car.

As it being my second year of driving, I was in the frame of mind of ‘what would it have been if I didn’t have that conviction’ and wanted to basically teach myself a lesson by knowing how much extra I would’ve been paying. I was in a big rush to get it all done, I was so focused on getting it done that I forgot to even go through summaries/confirmation, which made it even worse, as if I had done, I would’ve realised there and then, which is the most annoying thing for me in my opinion.

I’m terrified now of making this phone call really, I’m relied on to drive as well, to see family, who need me, to go to work, that need me there, I’d much rather pay extra each month than have it cancelled, considering I need the car later today as well it is a scary thought.

Lesson learnt though, always take your time through this! Backfires massively. I’m glad in a way they asked for details as if they didn’t, I wouldn’t have bothered checking insurance documents. The only reason I’ve realised they’re undeclared is because I’ve checked the insurance documents after wondering why they’re wanting to see extra documents, such as all driving licenses involved & V5.

God I hope this works out.


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