Mobile phone insurance denies fault


Hi everyone, here’s my issue. I took out gadget insurance through Switched On about a year ago. My only claim to date has been for a HTC phone. It was in perfect condition until I dropped it in water! They can’t fix my original one I had from brand new and send me out the same make and model but a refurb one. It has never worked right from the start. Very slow, battery goes quickly, screen freezes and needs to be shut down, etc…

I send it back within a couple weeks. They look at it and say there is nothing wrong and send it back.

I get it back and its the same story – screen freezes all the time, can’t change between apps, sometimes it won’t allow me to answer calls, etc. Anyway, I suffer with it for a dew more months until I write a complaint letter stating they must be wrong about the device, it clearly can’t work properly. I attach a video of me using it and how it consistently needs to be restarted due to screen freezing.

Anyway, they finally get back to me to say they have investigated it and there is nothing wrong with it! They basically said, what can you expect from a phone that is 4 years old? I replied that I think they are wrong. I am not streaming loads of data. I use the phone for basic apps (whatsapp, facebook) and to make calls and texts. And it fails to do that, so it’s faulty. They don’t care and are sending it back to me as is.

Now, wise ones. What recourse to I have? I am not expecting a top of the line Iphone replacement. I just want a comparable, working phone which I think is fair.

I have had the policy for about a year, also paid the deductible of £50 to receive this crap phone. So, that about £200 paid into this plan and I have only one phone that I can’t use properly.

What can I do? And what’s the point of insurance if they refuse claims?

Please throw me your ideas!


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