Money Transfer deal – worth it??



I’ve been offered, by existing CC, an 18 months 0% Money Transfer deal with 1.9% one off fee. (This CC is currently empty, having just finished another 0% deal, so no muddling of offers to worry about)

We don’t usually go for deals with a fee (or interest payable), but in this instance should I think differently…

We recently did 2 x ICICI 1 yr fix (with bonus) which, on £2000 effectively makes 6.95%. The money for this came from an interest paying account (1.5%).

Should I (and would you), take the CC offer, of say £2000 to replace the invested money, as it’ll be making more than the £38 fee, in it’s new home???

Or…if we don’t NEED the £2000, are we just robbing ourselves of £38?

Does it make any difference depending on what money it elsewhere…or should I just view this transaction in isolation.

What do you all think???

” That pound I saved yesterday, is a pound I don’t have to earn tomorrow “


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