Money transfer from credit card to pay trader


I’ve been ripped off by a roofer I found on I’ve been to the CAB and they have passed my details on to the Trading Standards but have told me that this will not resolve my problem and I’ll need to go down another route. Ultimately the job he did on my roof hasn’t worked and it’s leaking and looking worse than it ever did before he got his hands on it. He won’t come back to honour the 15 year guarantee he gave me.

As he was a sole trader I couldn’t pay him via the credit card because he obviously didn’t have the facility to take the payment. So I completed a money transfer from my credit card to my bank and then made a bank transfer to his bank account the next day. I’ve contacted Virgin Money and they have told me that the link is broken and I won’t be able to claim under section 75.

Is this absolute or are they just trying to get out of it?

“Technically there must be a direct link between the debtor (that’s you, the customer), the creditor (the credit card company – eg, American Express, Lloyds, Barclaycard) and the supplier (the retailer selling you the goods or service)”


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