Money Transfer from existing card



I have an existing credit card with Lloyds, they are offering me a money transfer offer of 0% for 15 months.

I was wondering if taking a money transfer on an existing card, is better for your credit file/rating than taking out the same money transfer with another lender by taking out a new card? Or is the difference negligible?

Having just moved into my first home and taken out a car loan around the same time, as well as using my credit card a fair bit, my credit rating has dropped from excellent to poor – Zopa recently quoted me 20% for a 1500 loan, despite already having a loan with them for only 6% from last year – the drop on my credit rating is real not just on Experian..

So I’m looking for a money transfer to help me through this period, without hurting my credit file much more, if that’s possible!



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