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With regards to credit, does anyone else have ‘mood swings’, like me?
I sat doing some numbers yesterday afternoon……what was in the current accounts, savings accounts, etc. Then I looked at the balances on the credit cards…not huge, but about £3.5K.
Two of them on 0% deals and one set to pay in full each month.
So I thought ‘Why am I carrying balances on credit cards when the money is in the bank?’ So I paid them all off. Made me feel good, for a while. Then I realised I’d paid good money to transfer the money from the cards to my current account in the first place.

In a couple of months I’ll want to buy a big ticket item and I won’t fancy reducing my bank balance by that much. Guess what I’ll probably do then?

Like I said……mood swings.

I came into this world with nothing and I’ve got most of it left.


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