More than one money transfer card?


Hello everyone
I am new on here 🙂

I’m a little confused regarding a money transfer application.

I have applied for a Tesco card after using the eligibility checker.

Mbna came up first as 90% success rate and Tesco one second however it has a longer 0% free period.

I was looking to borrow 5k and then do the money transfer straight away. However when I started my application

For the Tesco one at the end it said we may be able to give u card but need to do more checks and get back to you in 5 days.

Also it’ said credit limit 1400.

I was surprised by this as my credit rating has been good as I have been approved for a mortgage only last year.

I wanted to ask would Tesco increase my credit limit ?

Also am

I allowed to apply for the mbna one now?

Or is there a limit

Many thanks any help much appreciated



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