Motability Car – no claims bonus


I’m writing in relation to a friend of mine who has lost his no claims bonus as a result of driving a motability car. He previously owned a car until 2016 and had car insurance under his own name and had more than 4 years no claims bonus. In 2016 his mother became very unwell and she was given a motability car. He was the named and only driver of the car, his mother being unable to drive due to her medical condition. She died recently and the car was returned.

He purchased a new car and insurance policy recently and included the info that he had 4 years no claims bonus. The insurance policy was canceled after a month by the insurers who said that because he had been driving the motability car for the two years he had lost his no claims bonus. He contacted the motability people who said that they couldn’t give out information regarding his driving history to the insurers. Now he cannot afford insurance as he is classed as having no no claims bonus and the quotes are extremely high. It seems very unfair that he should be penalized for the two years he spent driving a motability car to assist his mother. I am just wondering if anyone has come across this situation before? and whether there is anything he can do about it? Many thanks!


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