Motor accident – assumed my fault


Just like to share my scenario and gain some feedback please…

I picked my spot to enter a busy roundabout, looked right to check again, looked back and car who was passing in front of me had emergency stopped as had been cut up, so I ploughed into the back of him on my motorbike… separating my shoulder and being whisked off to hospital.

The cost of repairing my bike is less than or similar to my excess so no point claiming for me but other car as a scrape and reflector needing to be fixed. He would rather not go through insurance as a company car (not sure why) and offered to get some quotes for me

To pay.

What are risks of paying for his damage?

Should I inform insurance of accident if neither would claim?

As the guy I hit gave the police the Reg of the car who cut him up and didn’t stop, is there a chance he would be persued and found at fault? Obviously would want my losses recouped then

Would obviously rather pay the guy £300 or so to not effect by insurance for the next 5 years but don’t want it all to come back

And haunt me.


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