Motorbike Insurance, cancelled because of a change of address & EU license?


Hi all, i have been reading lots of great advise here over the years but i only needed advise for my own weird case now.

I got a motorbike (400cc scooter) end of November last year and i insured it through a comparison website, holding an EU license, which i am still holding. Unfortunately, i decided to prepay the whole year, rather than pay monthly.

I recently moved to another address, around 3-4 miles away from my previous house and during the change of address process they told me they can not actually do the change because the underwriters do not accept EU licenses any more.

After a couple of weeks on the phone trying to solve this, they now have served me a 7 day cancellation notice and on top of that, they told me that because the cancellation time is so close to the end of the policy, i am not going to get any refund as well.

I know that i am supposed to convert my EU license to a UK one after 12 months of driving but this means legally i am only required to do so in November. The monthly charge for this policy would be about £60-70, so the total owed to me if refunded, would be around £170-180!!

Is there anything i can *really* do, or i am screwed either way? I have no way of converting my license to UK before i leave on holidays in 2 days and once i go, the policy will be cancelled way before the license would ever even arrive.

Their take is that the underwriters changed their terms to not accept EU licenses anymore, so a change of address means recalculating your premium which in turns means… accepting the new terms.

Does this sound airtight from their side or can i actually do something to get any money back?



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