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Good Morning All,

I was wondering if I could ask for a bit of insight on my claim.

In November 2017, I was involved in an accident and currently the liability is being disputed. I believe I am completely not at fault and after months of waiting the 3rd part has just come back with a 50/50 offer.

I was in the left lane on a roundabout approaching my exit when at the last minute I noticed a car to my right coming into my lane, but very close to me. I tried to steer to avoid it but unfortunately, this was not possible and the front end of his car went directly into my rear, causing me to be thrown off my bike and my bike it being stuck under his front bumper. Unfortunately, there were no witnesses as all the cars behind who would have seen the accident continued to drive off and there were no cameras either to provide footage. All the evidence I have is pictures showing the damage to his car, which is smack bang in the centre of his bonnet and my bike trapped under it.

As I mention this has been going on since October, so will almost be a year and it was only this month that the 3rd party came back with any sort of response.

As I know I am totally not to blame, is it worth me asking my insurers to take this to court, I am not really sure what else I can do?

Thanks for our time!


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