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Hi, I have a motorhome and have been claim free for three years. Each year I have used a different insurer as i have phoned around and found better deals.

My last insurer, AIB, insist that you are not able to get a no claims bonus for a motorhome.

So this year I have used the same broker who arranged my first years insurance and have accepted a quote from them. Now the problems begin as they will accept the letter from AIB confirming that I have been claims free with them, but they will not accept the letter from the RAC who also confirmed by letter that I was claim free, and presumably the broker can check with the insurer they put me with two years ago for the same. But no, they will not accept the letters as proof, it must be on the schedule, which of course it never is.

They have now charged me an additional 40.00 is this correct or are they pulling a scam ?


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