Motorists are 22 per cent more likely to crash on a Friday


Insurance firm Ingenie aims to reward good driving among young motorists by using a ‘black box’ computer fitted out of sight in the driver’s car to build up a picture of their driving style. It then sends feedback to help them improve. 

For good driving, the young motorist can the earn discounts each quarter for good driving worth up to 21 per cent off over the year.

Drivers get a score out of 100 through the Ingenie app, along with regular feedback to help them improve. 

Poor driving means no discount, but also triggers messages to the driver as well as intervention by the firm to offer extra help.

A spokesman said: ’The Ingenie approach means customers save an average of £400 when taking out a policy, with 7 out of 10 receiving further discounts through safe driving. 

‘Average savings upon renewal are around £500 and 90% earn their first year’s No Claims Discount.’

The firm has won a number of technology, insurance and road safety awards for its approach, including the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. 


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