M&S credit card – foreign currency rate


Just for anybody who uses an M&S credit card to purchase foreign currency in their stores – but has a Debenhams with a foreign currency desk in convenient travelling distance.

Thanks to MSE Travel Money tool I’m always finding a better deal at Debenhams, even compared with the preferential rates offered to M&S credit card holders


Especially if you have a Debenhams chargecard, or better still, a Debenhams credit card.

Like the M&S card, these are charged as purchases, not as a cash advance – which would be applied to other credit cards.

I recently bought around £100 worth of Polish currency (ready for immediate needs on arrival) and saved the best part of £5 on the deal compared to M&S.

Obviously if you are looking for larger amounts of foreign currency then it’s a bigger saving.

The only downside is that relatively less popular currencies can take several days to be available for collection.


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