My address not on eligibility calc?


Ive got some debt on a 22% interest card and was looking at balance transfer cards as I really need to get it on a 0% card asap however when I’ve put my postcode into the MSE eligibility calculator it only lets me choose house 3 or 7 but I live at number 1!

It’s a new build which I’m guessing is where the problem lies but we have started showing up on all other websites over the last few months so no sure why we’re not showing as existing. There are other house numbers missing too ie 2 and 5.

Does anyone know how I can get my address added?


Next 615 495 436.23 Santander1 297 279 261.95 Santander2 84 79 75.11

Savings Goal 163.67/3000 by Dec 17


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