My mum has passed away and i am being forced to sign a life insurance payout form.PLEASE HELP!


Right where do i start?
When i was 16 i fell in love with a man who was a little older than me, he had is own flat, car and treated me like a princess and still do to this day. My boyfriend at the time knew my eldest sister as they were friends at one stage. My sister was really jealous of our relationship and started to do anything possible to break us apart.

After about a year in to our relationship we had our first child and decided that we needed to move a little further away as the trouble was being brought to our door down by one of my sisters. I lost contact with my family about 6 years ago and had nothing to do with them other than my father who did divorce my mother around 4 years ago. Me and my husband has been married just over a year now. My husband had a nice relationship with my family before my sister started interfering.

About 2 years ago i decided that i wanted a relationship with just my mother to try and put everything to one side which was a success, we stayed in contact on the phone regularly and also found out that my mum had a brain tumour and it was removed leaving part of her head missing and a plate was placed to try and help protect the brain.

2 weeks ago my mother was rushed into hospital with problems with her lungs and kidneys and started treating my mum for septicemia and the doctors gave her 2 days to live (my mum was 55). My 3 sisters were by her bedside when i arrived to see my mum, you could imagine how difficult it was to walk in a room where the atmosphere was like ice, i said to my mum that i love her and that i was sorry we will never have the time to make it up to her, instantly my eldest sister said “mum didn’t know you loved her, and she didn’t love you!!!!”. I thought to myself that my mum is on her death bed and she didn’t deserve to listen to my eldest sister constantly shouting at me in front of everyone and i just took it without biting back, it was not the place or the time for it. My mum then died when i was on my way back up the hospital the next day, i did go and see my mum that morning and she was at peace and a relief that my mum was finally out of pain.

I tried to speak to my family members to try find out where my mum was resting until the funeral, i wanted to buy some flowers. When i rang my grandmother i was told that my mum was still in the hospital as the doctors needed to sign the paperwork and post mortem was completed. When asking on the phone who are the funeral directors was to be told she didnt know but later on in the conversation she slipped up and said the undertaker has been to see her. Clearly all that came out of my grandmother mouth was lies.

I later had a phone call from my father to tell me that my eldest sister has texted him it said..

“Dad will you please tell (**me**) to leave us all alone my grandmother doesn’t want to hear from her. The funeral home won’t let (**me**) see Mum the only people allowed to go in there are me (sister 1,2 & 3) & my grandmother we have told the funeral home we have said (**me**) can come to the funeral but she will be seated at the back away from the funeral and under no circumstances will she be welcome at the wake because there will be murder!! She turned her back on Mum 5 years ago through the most difficult time of her life she can’t just come around now acting like a grieving daughter! She made her bed and now she has to lay in it!!

Just let her know I’ve had my grandmother and auntie on the phone both asking me to text you so you can let her know to leave us all alone we are all actually grieving not crying over our own guilt!!

Thank you xxx!!

After getting this text message i was heartbroken, they clearly didn’t know i was speaking to my mum on the phone regularly. I bit my lip and just left it and to do what they have asked out of respect for my mother.

I then had a visit from my dad who said that my sister is the executor of my mums affairs as she was the eldest (i know that this is lies). She has phoned him to say that my mum had no will but has taken out a life insurance policy about a 18 months ago and you have an equal share going 4 ways (roughly £2500 each), also you that my mother went on a shopping spree before she was taken ill and had brand new clothes if i wanted them. I didn want any money or clothes all i requested was to see the life insurance policy in full as all 4 sisters needed to sign the paperwork and a photo of me and my mum as a baby all i had to do was sign a single piece of paper from the insurance company releasing the money to my eldest sister so she can pay me.

My father said to me i shouldn’t have been shown this message until the insurance payout came.

Well after finding out the news that they actually need me or they will not be able to obtain the money, I thought that they are having a laugh if they think i am signing the documents after the way i was out-casted not allowed to buy some flowers, not to see my mum where she was resting, not allowed to sit at the front of the church to send my mum off into heaven, not allowed to speak to any of my family, not allowed at the wake or anything to do with the funeral. I have been speaking to my father about it and he agrees with the eldest that i just sign the single page and i will got money out of it, i argued in the end with him how can i sign a legal document not knowing what i am signing, the final straw was there was a huge paragraph in the obituaries paper a day later saying “mum of 3 daughters!!, that was it!. Like i previously said i don’t want any money just a photo and now after being left completely out and ordered where to sit i will make this as hard as possible for them to obtain the money due to them. I would rather spend money on a probate solicitor to make sure everything is above board, also that it has been hinted that my signature would be forged.

How can i believe a single word that was said from the lot of them, my mother in law and father in law agrees that out of the principle of what they excluded me from that we take it further and they would even cover the costs it included even knowing the payout would be far less than the costs of a solicitor,i am 24 years of age, nice house, lovely in-laws who has always stuck by me and has done from the start, 2 beautiful children and a loving husband, o and 4 cats .

I don’t know where i go from here, i am hurting with the loss of my mum and things might have been a lot different if my eldest sister didn’t make everything so difficult and be jealous of my relationship. I really couldn’t care less about my sisters, the 3 of them are sticking together, all i want to do is get some flowers & say goodbye to my mum and has been denied this. i don’t even know what company the insurance is with.

Has anyone got any suggestions what to do now in a legal point of view or point me in the right direction please?

Thanks in advance


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