Nationwide, RSA, Cunningham-Lindsey, Uncle Tom Cobley and all


It’s been nearly 3 months since a leak in our property resulted in us making a claim against our buildings insurance with Nationwide.

They are underwritten by RSA and Cunningham-Lindsey were appointed Loss Adjusters.

They have agreed to honour the claim and we’ve asked them to have the repairs done by their nominated renovator. The work was put out to tender and a building company came to assess what needed to be done. This differed from what the Loss Adjuster said needs to be done.

Now we appear to be in some kind of holding pattern while they go back and forward, escalating things for approval, waiting for responses etc. and we are getting fed up.

When I worked in the industry people joked that it was all about getting the premiums in quickly and paying the claims slowly and I am beginning to feel that way too.

Well that’s the background, does anyone have any advice on how to shame these ********’s into actually doing the work?


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