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Hello, I wonder if anyone can help?

Eighteen months ago I bought an old 4 x 4 to use as a work-horse while I do up my house. I have a nicer car that I use day-to-day. I’m the registered owner and keeper of both, and the only one who drives them as my wife has her own. I added the 4×4 onto our multicar policy and renewed that multicar policy six months later in 2017, and all has been well with no claims or incidents.

Now it’s renewal time again and the multicar is not competitive – all three come out cheaper on individual policies. However, when I checked the multi-car renewal notice all three cars are showing their own individual 10 year NCB. My own ‘nice’ car is entitled to the NCB presumably, but I now gather the 4×4 shouldn’t have any? Or maybe just the one year?

Playing with comparisons, the 4×4 premium almost doubles when I put in just one year NCB. Is the renewal notice a mistake and should I ignore it and just pay the high premium for my 4×4? Or am I legitimately entitled to it? I genuinely don’t want to fiddle cheaper premiums than I’m entitled to, but equally I don’t want to pay more than necessary.

The brave thing to do would be to simply ring the multi-car provider and ask them – but I’m worried they might say I entered the wrong information 18 months ago and backdate me a premium increase!


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